Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Retreat Progress

Well, the last 7 months has been pretty full on, and we aren't done yet, but the retreat is taking shape. With the continued efforts of Matt and myself, as well as all the visitors we rope into helping us, we should be set for our late February opening. To give you some idea of where we have come from have a look at the photo of this bedroom before we began our renovations.

For some reason the previous owners had decided the country bar look was the way to go. Each to their own I guess. Thankfully, the room is now all fixed up and looking fantastic. Will post some photos once the furniture is delivered later this week. This was by far the worst of the bedrooms but each of them has required a great deal of attention and we have laid new floors, sanded and painted walls and ceilings, made and hung curtains, hung new doors, and so the list goes on. All will soon be revealed when the website is unveiled and we open for bookings.

The first weekend the retreat will be open for business is February 29th. There has already been a great deal of interest in making bookings and so we are working as quickly as possible to get everything ready for the launch of the website.

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