Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cricut Design Studio

I have been playing with my new toy this weekend and what a great toy it is. The new Cricut Design Studio program introduces a new level to what you can produce. Sure it is restricted by the cartridges you have, but if you already have a number of cartridges on hand this is a great addition to your scrapping room - and to the Scrapping Away Retreat House. I just love being able to weld my letters to make connected titles. Also you can play around with the size of the letters - width and height, and you can combine images from different cartridges.

If you think this may be interesting to you but you just aren't sure yet there is a trial version available at
It only allows you to use the cartridge that came with your machine e.g. George if you bought the initial personal cutter. But at least it gives you some idea of the potential of the program before you buy.

Here is a box I have made for Emily's daycare mum for the title I used George and the Design Studio program to weld the letters.

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