Monday, January 7, 2008


This is the time of year that everyone makes plans to improve, do better, achieve something. I tend to stay away from making official resolutions but I guess I still look to make positive changes in my life in general.

Did you make any New Year's Scrapbooking Resolutions?

I have seen a few around from the general

Do more scrapping

To the specific

Complete 24 LOs a week

Wow! Imagine having the time to do 24 LOs a week. I am a slow and steady scrapper most of the time and so I doubt there are enough hours in the week to finish 24 LOs. Lately, if I do more than 36 in a year I count it an achievement. I must have a weekend retreat to get some more done. Anyone want to join me for a retreat at Retreat House. I have been so busy setting it up for others that I have neglected to factor in some time for myself. Guess it will have to be later in the year as I am sure to be rather busy with a new baby in the early months.

I would like to catch up on some of Emily's photos before the new baby arrives. Heck, I still have photos from her first year to do and I hate that I have forgotten the stories behind a lot of those images. Perhaps, my resolution should be to jot down more of the stories of our life. I use to be good at that. Once upon a time I had a little booklet full of anecdotes all ready for journalling. Sometimes life takes over though and you forget to take the time to record these incidents.

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