Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where does time go?

Since returning to teaching this year the days seem to simply fly by. I promised some medical images and I did work on these and I even cut them but haven't had two minutes to myself to do any creating and as such I haven't made any cards yet. I have put them on Media fire so you can cut them yourself and maybe one of you will show me what you make with them! Have fun creating. I had foot surgery today and so I could do with a card myself! I will be off my feet for the next couple of days but don't know that I will get much achieved as my two youngsters will be home with me and no doubt demanding of my time.

If you have SCAL and a Cricut you are set to make some fabulous get well cards or sickness/hospital visit scrapbooking layouts with these files

Click on the links here if you'd like a stethoscope, bandage/bandaid and get well soon title

I have a house word book that I have been working on lately that I hope to be able to share soon, all I need is the time to make my sample


Txmommom said...

I can relate to the feeling that time just flies by these days! I appreciate you sharing the files and hope to put them to good use! Donna

cal8007 said...

Thanks for sharing your files. I just finished my chemo and radiation treatments and can use these for thank you cards.


Ruth said...

Glad they can be of use Carmen, best wished for your recovery