Monday, December 8, 2008

Advent treats

I have eventually got myself organised and made my little Advent packages. Here are a few photos of them hanging on our tree.

My 3 year old finds them to be very tempting but so far is showing great restraint. I only made 12 as Emily is already finding the wait for Christmas to be long. This way the excitement will be heightened in the last 12 days!

I made another set of these with cardstock weight scrapbooking paper and they kept popping open, so I decided to use light weight paper. The paper is Sandy Lion, London Town and it was in the December Scrapaholics kit.

The tenth challenge is complete so 5 more to go. I am starting to find it a bit harder to get to these projects as there are so many other things to be done. However, I have already decided what my next challenge will be.

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Anonymous said...

dThese look so sweet Ruth. I am finding it very hard this year to get into the christmas cheer. However I think that maybe I should do somthing of the sort with the kids. They would love this.
Your site is looking great. Hope all is going great at the retreat house. Cheers DC.