Monday, December 29, 2008

Wild Card Cart

I have just received my Wild Card Cartridge. I put off buying any new cartridges because I make most things with Inkscape and SCAL now. Just before Christmas I was ordering some mats though and I was tempted by Wild Card and Storybook. Still waiting on Storybook but that's another story. I have just sat and read through the Wild Card booklet and OMG! This cart is so much more than a card making cart. It has the funkiest icons that would look great on so many scrapping pages. I am so glad I bought this cart/ DO you know what the best thing is? Dh and dd #1 are "camping" (in the back yard) tonight and so I can cut away and play with the card styles and icons etc!! Look for some posts of cards in the not too distant future.

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