Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cricut Storybook Cartridge

Been a busy weekend and so I haven't had much of a play with my new cartridge but I did create this layout and I thought the "Once Upon a Time" title on the cartridge really suited it. Unfortunately the photo isn't that good.

I have been planning some layouts using the KI Memories Lace cardstock that we will be using in an up and coming Scrapaholics kit. Before I work on them though I have to finish a card order that I have. I made 8 cards tonight and so I should be able to finish the order tomorrow. I have so many ideas in my head that I want to try with the lace paper. I am planning to do most of the layouts of Lucy as one of my resolutions was to do 15 layouts of Lucy before the end of February - I haven't done one yet!!!


Erica said...

You know what I was thinking... wouldnt it be great if Cricut came out with a cartridge that allowed you to cut different designs into an entire sheet of cardstock so that it turned it into a lace sheet!?

And the page you did is beautiful. The title really fits with the theme of the picture and is super adorable.

Anonymous said...

Your "Once Upon a Time" and your lace on the side look so neat and tidy. What do you use to fix your letter and smaller cut outs on your scrap book page... I am relatively new at this and trying to figure out what product works best. The two sided sticky tabs / tape are hard to cut so small and a normal glue stick tends to get too messy!!