Saturday, January 10, 2009

How exciting!

In the mail yesterday I received my new Storybook cartridge. Now I am a SCAL owner I really do advocate designing your own images, using true type fonts and converting jpgs to svgs and not needing to buy cartridges but every now and then Provo Craft comes out with something I just can't resist. This was the case with Wild Card and now with Storybook. True I could make many of these images but the time it would take me would outweigh the ease of buying the cart. I was so excited to see the cart but also felt a little thwarted as I have a retreat on at Scrapping Away this weekend and so I immediately took the cart over there for them to use. My play time will come after the retreat finishes. keep a look out for the latest projects using the new cart!

I am still deciding whether to buy Graphically Speaking too as it looks very cool and again something that would take me a fair bit of time to create using Inkscape and SCAL.

I have also been playing with flock this week and have a fun layout to upload. The lighting isn't that great for taking pics atm though so I'll have to work on that tomorrow.

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